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Oil light comes on

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My 2004 500 Hondamatic Rubicon runs fine and after riding for a few minutes at low speeds the oil light comes on. The fan comes on as well to cool the engine, if I shut down the engine and let the fan run for a few minutes the oil light goes out, however after a couple times of this. The oil light comes on frequently and at times I will speed up the bike and it goes off but will come back on. What causes this action?
I recently had the oil changed and there are no leaks.
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Check to see if oil cooler is completely clean.
Thanks, I will clean it and report back. Thank you for reply.
Thanks, I will clean it and report back. Thank you for reply.
Any luck?
No sir, it was fairly clean and not plugged. I am looking at the sensor now. What else can it be other than internal issues of the engine
Check your coolant level?
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Download manual, I think they give info on checking temp sensor with multimeter. Think might be a RTD. Also as stated on checking coolant and water pump flow.
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