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oil leak

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i have a small slow leak at my oil drain plug, it happened when i accidently over tourqed it on my last oil change, is there anything i can do, if so what are my options???
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go to your local stealership and buy a new drain plug and washer for about 4 bucks!
so is it the plug that will fail first, not the actual engine casing..?
I'd bet the problem is the washer and not the bolt or the case.
thanks man ill check that out, in fact now that i think about it, i dont remember there being a crush washer...
There you go!
Or the threads on the oil pan has been stripped. That happens because it is actually aluminium, not as tough as a car oil pan. I had heli coil installed, still leaked so used jb-weld to rethread it. It holds up but maybe a drop or two per day comes out . Alternative for me was to replace the oil pan. Did not want to go there!
You can use Heli-coil on TRX400FG/FA
You have to use an insert on a TRX350 (2000-06)
thanks guys i will try that out......
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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