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Oil Leak

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OK guys I hope you can follow me because i really don't know what im talking about but maybe i can explain it to everyone. Where the front drive shaft goes into the engine there is a boot and then it goes a little ways and there it actually comes into contact with the engine. Where it comes into contact with the engine there is a seal and mine had a little oil that had came out of it and leaked on my engine. I rode for about 3 hrs yesterday and it never had any oil on the engine. I talked to one of the guys at the dealer ship and he said the he has changed five of those seals already. Mine was changed about a month ago when the engine was rebuilt. So my ? is has anyone had this problem with the 06 and can water get in the engine from this seal leaking? Also why didn't it leak when i rode it yesterday?
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I have an 06 foreman and that same output shaft oil seal was leaking on mine too. It took 6weeks for them to fix mine (seal was supposedly on backorder) and mine only has about 57hrs on it! Honda warranteed it but in the future it would cost about 300 to have the shop do it.
Seems they are havin' a few problems with the 05's & 06's. I wonder why?
I just talked to the factory and he said that it would be covered under warranty if a stick didn't puncture it "happens alot" is what he said. Just don't see how it is possible just another way to get around covering it is what I think.
Wow that sucks... and may i ask y did u get ur engine rebuilt? it a 06....
water got in the engine and it was knocking
Had mine done under warranty , next time i do it myself if there is a next time.
just noticed my 05 is leaking also looks just like the seal. i pulled the skid plate and it is covered in oil looks like i have lost a lot of oil. checked oil it looks to be at the right mark. should i just replace the seal and try to find a better seal other than the factory dont really wont to replace it again but running with the set up i have im prob gonna have to.
well vaughn looks like we got ourselfs a problem on hand. I don't think that they make a better seal but it seems to me like the factory needs to take care of this proble because obvisouly a bunch of people are having this problem. I don't know if its true what they say that a sticks are doing this then maybe we can make a cover for it.
I rode mine around for about ten min today and still no leak so im not even sure if that was from before are what. I don't know im open for suggestions anyone
sorry for the horrible wording on the last post. I just get so mad when I talk about stuff like that i just start typing and my mind is going faster then my fingers. LOL Let me know if ya need a translation
yea i found the leak myself this weekend.... havent riden in cpl weeks. and when i took the 4wheeler off the trailer was some oil sittin there. then under the 4wheeler there is oil everywhere. i thought i lost a lot from how much was under the bike. but i checked the level and dip stick said it was good. so looks like i need to change my seal as well.
I'm going to check mine tomorrow night. If it is that big of a problem why can't we make honda have a recall for it?
Because they say that sticks puncture the seal. But seems to me that if this many people are having this problem they should do something to fix it

Whoever decides to replace the seal or seals, should do a "How to" on it so it will be available to everyone else, being as so many people are having the same problem.
Does AP skid plates keep sticks from poking it? What I guess I'm saying is does a good skid plate cover it so they cant say a stick did it?
The Honda shop I went to is alittle more relaxed as far as warranty work goes. Being within 30 min of both River Run and Mud Creek in Jacksonville they would lose alot of customers if they werent! They never mentioned the stick clause from Honda but did say alot were going! I think what is happening especially on foremans with skid plates is mud and stuff builds up on the plate and once its over an inch or so deep it is riding against that seal with the shaft spinning away the whole time you ride. I was thinking of how to make a guard but I think that would hold more debris inside against it then leaving it open. I am thinking hard about cutting a 1 1/2" hole in the skidplate right behind/below the seal so maybe all the mud and stuff can "drain" before it builds up too bad against the seal.
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