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oil leak from the recoil

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i was doing an oil change tonight when i found oil driping down the rear cross member below the recoil. it took some doing but i got the recoil off and found it full of sand. this lead me to think that sand must have got into the seal behind the the starter ring, my big question is what does it take to get the bolt out of the center of the that ring. i tryed everything in my tool box, johnson bar to eletric impact. what do i try next? i have a ir231 air gun (but no compresor) is that to much? what is to much before i start hurting somthing inside? has anyone else had this problem? if so what is the fix so this will not happen again.
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I use a 10" impact extension with my snap-on gun.It only take a quick tap to knock it loose.before doing that get a few cans of brake clean and scrape as much of the poo off the area and then clean it all up and then spray it spotless clean before you remove the recoil pulley.this way no dirt will gone in when you remove the's somewhat of a pain to get in there to change it but it can be done.the last one i did i had done it while i had the swingarm off because it was ALOT easier.
when tightening the bolt back up don't hold the gun on it hammering away.just give it a few taps to lock it down.
does the bolt have reverse threads?
I am going to replace my seal soon. The question of if this is a reverse thread was not answered. Does anyone know? Also was this a permanent fix or did the leak return? Mine has leaked pretty much since new.
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