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Oil leak from sensor in the skid plate !/$%"$%/*$

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Hello Foreman Owners,

Like I said in my previos post, I was gonna change the oil in my Foreman S 500
2005, because he’s at 150Km and also need to install the mounting harware for the plow under the quad.

After removing the belly skid plate, I saw that it have some oil leaking underneat!!!!

I bought my Foreman in middle of August this year and ride the bike really carefully
Till the broke in!!!

Now I am really pissed because I have to bring it back to the dealer to check this out!!!

This Foreman is brand new and have some oil leaking! Really frustrating, because the snow is coming and need the Foreman to plow!!

Look at the pic’s and tell me what you think?

There’s a little wire that goes in the bottow of motor and there’s a copper seal, I think
That the oil is leaking from there. And also think that is a sensor.

Hope that is not the gasket from the motor!!!!!

I will call today the dealer for a check up!!!!

I am really scared of it now !! Hope they will fix it well!!

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I wouldnt worry to much, should be an easy fix, all that needs to be done is the bolts snuged up a little. I wouldnt be to concerned.
Thank's Robb!

Cheers me up , but the bolts that need to be snuged a bit, are they for
thighting the gasket? Or you think they will replaced the sensor?


Thank's again!
I would jus snug up the sensor, and that looks like the oil drain plug may have leaked a little? Just see if they need tightening, clean the floor, and see if it leaks anymore.
When I got mine back from the shop, it was leaking all around the rear around the pull start area, all the bolts were loose, I tightened them and have been fine since.
I have setup a checkup at dealer on Thursday morning, will let you guys know.

Thank's again!

hey good news guys,

Droped the bike this morning at dealer and now going to pick it up this afternoon!!

It was the sensor gasket and loose!

Thank's again guys,

And Robb can you send me an email for t-shirts at [email protected]

thank you!

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