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Oil in the breather box

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Stock 04 Foreman 500. I have been getting about a qt of oil out of my breather box. Bike has 800 miles on it never had any problems with it before. Any ideas what to look for other than a mechanic?
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are you sure the bike wasn't overfilled from the start? the proper way to check the fluid is to pull the dip stick out and just set it in the hole and check the level. if overfilled the excessive oil has to go somewhere. also when riding wheelie's or climbing steep hills some bikes had problems with dumping oil in the air box through the crank case hose.
Yep, had the proper amount of oil, just thought it was a bit excessive that amount of oil. Anywho, drained it out and if it does it again guess ill head to the dreaded shop with it.

thanks for the reply.

i am having the same problem but not as much oil as you
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