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Oil in the air box??

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Has anyone ever experienced oil in the air box? It was not alot, but there was a small pool at the bottom. I changed to a K&N air filter about 2 months ago, I did not see any oil in there then. I have been doing alot more riding since then. What would cause this?
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the aftermarket air filter do drip some. you should be able to tell by the color of the oil if its from the filter or not..
may be oil coming up through the crankcase vent tube...
It looks like motor oil but I don't know how it got there. Is it normal?
Yes it's normal. ( Assuming it is not a lot of oil) Mine did that for a while. After a while it stopped. It may have to do with the oil level.

It comes up through the crankcase vent tube. It is usually about 1/2 oz. at the most.
Cool. I don't think it is even that deep. I was hoping it was normal! Good, going ridin on Friday, don't want any engine trouble. Thanks everyone!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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