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Oil in the air box

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The other day i went out and pulled the drain out of the bottom of the airbox and about a cup of oil came out of the airbox, how is this the honda place didnt have a clue, go figure, does anybody else had this problem, i just did a oil change on it could it be a overflow or something?
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Had a friend with the same prob. The dealer said to run the bike then drain and fill the oil. I said don't do that because the oil cooler will fill up and you won't get all the oil out just draining it , so when you fill it with the right amount it's overfull because of the xtra oil still in the cooler. I said get the bike hot and let it sit overnight then drain and fill with the right amount ( Service manual specs.After draining/filter change 2.6USqt)
He has no more problems at all now.
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