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oil in airbox

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Pulled my airbox off last night and there was about half a cup of clean oil
in the bottom. I have not cleaned the filter with anything.
I did have it in the back of my truck on a very bumpy rocky road.
The gas was not shut off. There is no smoke from the exhaust and it runs fine.
Do you all have any ideas?
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my cousin's rancher did the same thing. except the oil was black.
you probably a little gas that went through the carb, then filter, the filter is full of oil and the gas took some off with it.
Mine was doing the same thing and someone told me that if you start it and just start reving it up before it warms up then there will be some oil in the air box if yours is clean then it may have just got in there while you were driving down the road....i did that to mine and i had the same problem with oil in the box...but i let it warm up a little now before i rev it ...and havent had anymore problems...

Cleaned it out, new air filter and spark plug to be safe.
Running fine still.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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