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Oil in Air Box

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Just got motor rebuilt and drove a tank of gas through and no problem. Drove another tank still fine. Then took it to mud nationals and checked box after going through the deep water to make sure no water got in and about a half a quart poured out of the air box. Still doing it. What could be the cause? The oil in the motor still looks new and the oil in the air box is black like it is burn't. Need Help!!!
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I need to know too cause i went through the circle pit a couple of times while i was there and when i got out and checked i pulled the plug and bout a quart of watery mud came out the air box but still ran fine didnt have any problems but still like to know what i can do to prevent it.
Why is this happening? Oil in my air box coming from crank case blow by.
Too much oil!

It used to happen to me when i brought to an inexperienced person for an oil change?

PS, why did you need a rebuild already>?
how much oil is on your filter, I put to much on mine one time and it dripped down but not a half qt.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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