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Oil Filter?

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Sunk the Forman over the wknd and need to get the water out of the oil.
Picked up a couple of filters from the dealer but there is no markings on them.... which way do they go in??? I've heard if you put them in wrong it will stop the oil flow and kill the motor.

Never looked at the water soaked one when I pulled it out to drain the oil
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The filters I got had it written on them so I'm not sure on that.I took my filter out & changed the oil 3-4 times till it was clean,with the cheapest oil I could find then put the good oil & filter in afterwards.Good luck,MOON.
Moon... do you have a filter sitting around you could look at? If so which side is marked? One side has the O-ring on it the other does not.
Which one goes toward the enginge. Thanks
The side that has the open hole fits on a flange in the cover,don't forget about the little spring,the spring goes in the engine first then the filter(the metal end of the filter goes against the spring.
Thanks Yooper
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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