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oil filter?

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does anyone know which fram oil filter fits the recon? the same one (6015 fram) fits both rancher and foreman, but i can't find out about the recon. thanks!!
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They don't have an external filter that can be changed do they. I was told that it was just a screen on the inside of the case and the case had to be split to change it.
I didn't know that Fram made oil filters for Honda atv's. If they do, where
do you get them at? I've been lookin' for years for other filters. I know Wix
makes some. I have been usin' Hi-Flo for the past few changes & they do
wal-mart carries them here. i bought the recon a while back, changed the oil, but not the filter. i didn't even know i was missing one! lol
Yeah,RECON'S don't have an oil filter.Just pull the drain plug,drain oil,put the plug back in and fill with 1.6 QTS. of 10W-40.That's it! I took one apart one time and the screen inside was like new.If you change oil regularily,you'll never have a problem.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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