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oil filter part number

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anyone know what the part number is for an oil filter from autozone for my foreman?? or what type oil you use from there??

let me know
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this is honda's part number maybe they can cross referance

thanks guys. i went to autozone and they were able to cross ref. it in the system...i had the honda part number. the guy would have to order it but he said it would be $4 for a filter , while i was there i grabbed a gallon of pennzoil 10w40 to fill'er up with...i didn't want to wait so i went across the street to the stealership and got one for $8.

i will get me some good synthetic oil next time...
Our local Wal Marts stocks the Fram 6015 oil filter around here,

They are about $5. per copy. Have found them at Checker auto parts also for about $4.50, they come with a new large O ring, I dont know it its the correct O ring for ur application?

I run Valvoline Motorcycle 10/40 oil in my machines with wet clutch protection. $3.39 per Qt. Local Auto Zone and Checker Auto Patrs.
i may have to try walmart next time, i didn't have time to look around b/c i was on my lunch break. i just grabbed some pennzoil to use for the weekend really, when i get back next week i will flush it out and put some good stuff.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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