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Oil Drain Plug Question....SMALL LEAK

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I just changed the oil in my 2002 Foreman 450 S and in my Haynes manual it says remove the drain plug.........and at one point it says to check the washer on the drain plug. Well the washer on my drain plug is evidentally a permanent washer because it does not slide up over the just spins by the bolt head.

My drain plug also took a 17mm socket to remove this the original that what size most of your drain plugs take to remove them?

ALSO...can someone post a pic of their drain plug and what this so called washer looks like and so on...?

Cause on the bolt (towards the front of the bike, and no where else around the bolt) is a super small seaping leak. It doesn't drip...but it puts oil on my finger if I touch it in that spot...or at least it hasn't dripped yet...only been a few hours. But I cleaned it off real well before re-installing the bolt with just the washer that was on it. So I know it isn't left over oil leaking around it.

What is this so called washers part number?

Give me some info so I can get this leak conqured.


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The washer is around $1 to replace and the drain plug is about $2. The factory drain plug requires a 17mm socket. I would go ahead and replace it, they are called crush washers and they have a limited life. You can check out to get the part #'s if you need them.
This may sound like a stupid it goes anyway.

Is there a way to take the drain plug out and replace it without having to drain all the oil again? Cause I just changed it today....and I really don't want to buy more oil yet if I don't need to.

You could stand the bike up on the rear rack or even on its side. I do most of my repairs with mine on its back rack. You will need some help or maybe if you have a winch to help out. Just make sure to turn the fuel off and run the carb out of fuel before standing it up because it will run into the airbox and sometimes damage the stock air filters. This way all the oil should be below the drain hole.
Thanks for the info.

But what does this washer...bolt look like?

Just do a search for Crush washers, of if you have time go to or <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and look under the info for you bike.
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