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OIL Drain Plug and Washer

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Oil Drain Plug washer,
On my 06 Foreman ES, I noticed when I changed the oil I get a step in the drain plug washer. I noticed the washer seat is milled off at about 1/4 of it at a 90 deg angle on the front of the engine leaving some of the plug washer sticking out in the front. When the drain plug is torque down, the part of the washer sticking out in front not contacting the washer seat has a step or slight rise to it when removed. It has not leaked any oil.
I filed the washer flat and turned the washer over last time changed the oil, but I may have to replace it about every other time I change the oil. Has anyone else noticed this or do I have a problem?
thanks... ~ dawg
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They are made of aluminum and should be changed after several oil changes or when they start to distort .. Honda recommends a new sealing washer with every oil change ..
Thanks Honda mechanic, I will replace mine next time. Last time I changed the oil I torqued to the spec in the manual and leaked a little oil. I retorqued and stopped leaking.
Honda Mechanic, thanks much for the info, I thought I had a defect.
I will pick up a half dozen next time I am at the dealer and keep them on hand. They might fit my wifey's 06 Rancher as well.
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