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oil cooler

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1 have a 2000 trx 450 es and i'm rebuilding the motor . when i removed the steel braided oil lines from the cooler to the motor the lines were bone dry is the normal? i mean not a drop came out.. should i replace the oil pump? i did notice the the fan has been running alot latley? thanks for the help
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how long did the bike set up before you disconnected the lines? If it sit up awhile the oil would of run back into the engine leaving the lines empty. Why are you rebuilding it, is it due to swamping or just worn out?
i put alot of miles on her , she has 5,478 miles on her. i have low coprestion so i'm go to change the rings and probaly the valves.
the bike sat for about 2 hours before i started to to it apart . the motor was warm when i did it
U may want to inspect the oil pump while you have it down.
anyone know of a good place or web-site to purchase a oil pump? with out getting ripped of in price?
oil pump $79 + shipping
oil cooler $87 + shipping
from me .
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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