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oil cooler fan concern

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I got a 2007 trx 680 fa honda Rincon from friend been fixing it up almost done. fan switch has been cut . so I hooked it up to acc line midway thu wire harness solid pink wire .which is the acc wire. and hooked a inline fuse and ran toggle switch to it but. the fan seems to be running way to fast like super fast. was wondering if theres anyway its to much volts using my acc slot. or if I need to hooked up somewhere eles that's being redused??. or dose the oiler cooler fan just run really fast. like 3 times the speed of my raidiator cooling fan which is on the same line and toggle switch. just looking for quick advise please.will the oil cooling fan be fine or will I burn it up running off my acc panel fuse wire
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anyone know if running strait thu acc fuse is putting to much volts out for my oil cooling fan.
Check out the wiring diagram for your bike and see if you can hook it back up like it was originally
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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