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look under the bike in the middle of the skid plate and you'll see hole cut out. look up in the hole about an inch and you'll see a hex head bolt (plug), i think it's a 17mm but not for sure. leftty loosy righty tighty.
unscrew plug with bucket/oil pan under bike and unscrew plug. be sure not to drog plug in oil. let oil drain then look on the right side of bike and you'll see about a 2-3 inch round cap with three hex screws in it. i think 8mm or 5/16". this is where the oil filter is. when you take filter out don't let the spring behind it fall out. replace oil filter, put plug back drain plug back in and start put oil in. the oil goes in on the left side of bike unscrew dip stick and start filling. funnel helps. you should put about 2 1/3 quarts of oil in. i use 10w 40 honda 4 stroke oil, but you can use other brands. after filling with oil place dip stick back in and pull out with out screwing it in to check it. if oil line is around the line then good to go. about $16 and 15minutes.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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