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Oil change!

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Hey guys,

I have now 150Km on my Foreman and need to change oil, cause the light is "ON"

I am gonna plow alot this winter, and still I live in Québec , Canada, it is very cold.

I am gonna put some Honda GN4 5W30, and in my book, they say that I need 2,4 litres of oil for oil change!!

Is it normal? I tough that it needed more for a 500cc?

Just let me know what you think of this, and if any of you gonna plow in cold weather?

thank's in advanced!

I will send some pic's soon of the bike and new plow (Cycle Country 54")

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i think i used the honda 5W30 on mine and it took about 3.5 quarts
as far as cold weather you should be fine with the 5W cause it is thinner then the 10W and not as hard for your engine to push threw when its cold. hope this helps
Add two quarts, then start the motor to circulate it for a bit. Then check the oil and add what is needed to get it to the full area. It is usually 2.25-2.33 quarts. Been to long out of school to convert that to metric.
yeah truegrit is right now that i think about its around 2.5 quarts
i have a 06 and it called for 10w40 and it took about 2.5 quarts
oil level

use a full 3 litres of oil.
itll be a tiny bit over full but works just fine
i do exactly that to my foreman 500 all the time.
over 4000 kms and i still love it !
i change my oil every 500 kms - oil is cheap - parts are not.
Thank's to all of you!

Just bought 3 litres of Honda 5w30 yesterday.

The filter was 16.90$ Cnd

and the honda oil was 6.35$ Cnd

Have any store on the net that is cheaper for future oil change?

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I u y my filters from they are around $3 US. But as far as oil, if you are going to use honda oil, you may as well get it from the dealer. Shipping cost will kill you with its weight.
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