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oil change problems?

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hi all new to forum , got a question, just aquired a 02 rubicon, had an 03 kawaski 650 traded even. the rubi is in great shape has 1100 miles on it yesterday i changed the oil and spark plug and oil filter. i used honda gn4 oil and honda oem filter. my problem herein lies, before i changed the oil the bike ran great, it still runs great however the, when i went riding after the maintanence traveling around 30 mph , i cracked the throttle and the tranny slipped a little bit . is this normal after an oil change?any suggestions? thanks love the forum ive learned some cool tricks so far.
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Check your oil level I read on previous forums if to much oil the tranny will slip or could slip. The machine must be warm (run for 10 min then let it sit for 2-3min for the oil to settle) oil must be between the upper and lower lines.
thanks ill check it after it gets warm.
How many quarts did you put in?
QUOTE ("plumcuda":30jm9dbp)
How many quarts did you put in?
5 and a 1/2
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