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Oil burn off?

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I had my valves set and the clutch recall fixed this past week and noticed that when I ride pretty hard for a few minutes that oil is burning off of something? I had all the plastic off and cant really pinpoint where its coming from, I can see a little smoke from the exhaust shield and was wondering if this might be it? I cant see any sign of leakage or smoke near the rocker covers and was wondering if somebody might have had this same problem. Best I can figure is when they set the valves oil must have gotten between the exhaust and the shield and on both and its already burnt off the exhaust but the shield being off of the exhaust a little ways may not get hot enough until heavy excelleration to make the smoke burn off the shield. Does this make sense? Or should I look somewhere else ? HELP
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yes when setting the valves, or any engine work, it is hard to stop the excess oil from getting on the engine. Also they might have sprayed something on the engine to clean it off as well. Just keep an eye on it for oil leaks. If there is no leaks, It should clear up after a few rides.
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