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what is the right offset (front and rear) i need for a foreman 500.
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depends on which wheel your buying ITP makes a 2+5 and a 5+2 thats what you would need and Vision makes a 4+3 and a 2+6
thats what i needed to if a 5+2 and a 2+5 would work
you buy rims and it ant from me shame on you ! (LOL) just kidding
Where is the best place to by vision wheels and can I put the 161 8'' wide all the way around on a 06 foreman?
yes make sure you have the right offset
Mudliter i can get you a NEW set of Vision wheels for $ 270 shipped to your door Rims,Caps & Lugs
i can but the 159's are on back order for at least 6 weeks they were a bit more popular than was expected
How about the Maxxis 4x4, can you get those and how much are they with shipping to Alaska? I don't even know why i ask......LOL!!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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