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OEM vs Dynojet

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Some guys on HL say to run an OEM 135 instead of the dynojet 134. Would this make that much difference and is anybody else running this setup. If I need to go to a larger jet, which I think I do, is there a dealer or anybody around the central florida area where I can get one for the dynojet kit?
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I am running a factory 135 jet in mine now, needle on 5 notch and 2.5 turns out on the air fuel mixture. I tried a OEM 140 and it seemed to be alittle much. I am getting a better throttle response with the OEM jets than the DJ kit. Most any ATV shop should have the round top jets available.
Wow I cant believe that. I wish I would have known before I ordered the kit. Well I guess I'm gonna get a 135 tommorrow and see how it does then. It shouldnt be more than a couple bucks right.
I think I paid $4 or $5 apiece for the jets.
Ya if ya say it makes that much difference over the dynojet then thats what I'm gonna do. Its all about performance. A buddy of mine has a foreman that we are fixing to do the tractor muffler deal on. Other than that everything will be the same as mine so I'll do a comparison and post it. I should be done with it hopefully tommorrow or saturday. I'll post some pics too when its done. I appreciate all the advice you give me and I hope I can help other people out there the way you've helped me. Thanks

Your running the stock needle with that right?
yes I am running the stock needle.
Mine is all OEM
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