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OEM Aluminum Wheels for Foreman 500

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I took advantage of the link showed in another post to order a set of 4 of the cool factory wheels and 26" Mudlite XTRs. Delievered to Austin, $727. Now, they have not shipped yet, one day later, but when they arrive and I install them, I'll post my customer experience. Here is a link to their website if you are interested in the $84 per wheel sale price:
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I think you are really going to like them, I know for sure I do!!!!

Post Pics when you get them, they should look hot with the XTRs!!

Here is something to tide you over till they get there.

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Honestly, it was your pictures and comments on preserving the correct tire offset that sold me on going this route. I like keeping things within spec.

Thanks for your enthusiasm!
Oh Yeah those are classy wheels for sure , i also am awaiting my new Rims .....
I would have gone that route if I hadn't gotten such a good deal on my ITPs. Gotta love factory!
Progress Report

Well, it is a week later and I called yesterday to learn about the status of my order. I was disappointed to learn that my order had not been received and that they have had this problem a time or two before. This dropped order occurred even though a confirmation email went out after placing the order. Now, that is the bad news thus far...the good news is that George, the internet sales guy at AC Extreme SPorts is very nice and he had me replace the order and then today I placed a follow up call to learn that he was acting on my order. So looks like a I lost one week to a technical issue. I'll report back once I receive the shipment.

Moral of the story, call to be sure they have your order if you want to take advantage of the good deal on the Honda Aluminum Wheels.


Well, I finally received my wheels and tires this past Friday. That is the good news. The bad news is that although George, the internet sales rep, promised to mount the tires and wheels, he and his manager decided to not do this as promised. In addition, when questioned about this decision, he first told me a story about how the FedEx guy wouldn't "let" him mount them. Then he later said that his manager said that they wouldn't mount them. So, another $60 down the tube to have them mounted at Discount Tire here locally in Austin.

Then, in reviewing the invoice for the deal, I found I had been charged New Jersey sales tax. I went and reviewed a few tax bulletins from New Jersey and found the following quote:

"items generally sold to out-of-state customers are generally not subject to New Jersey sales tax"

So, what do you do with that? Items are a hassle to order from this vendor because of a faulty website, they promise service they don't deliver, and they charge you sales tax even though they are delivering out of state. Is this someone we should be doing business with? I'll leave that one to you. My opinion is that none of us should order from A&C Extreme Sports, Inc in New Jersey until these guys learn how to be ethical and honest. Here is a link to there website so there is no confusion:

I am sorry to report this poor experience. This is probably a young vendor, but I did give them two opportunities by phone to rectify the problem. I asked for a refund of the sales tax citing the tax bulletin published by their state and I asked for all or part of the $60 fee I suffered here locally for mounting to be returned. Their attitude was not just no, but heck no, it wasn't their fault.

Enjoy your day!
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Update: I have referred this matter to American Express. They seem to agree that there is a problem here and are doing their bit to investigate. I will post the result.

wow, shitty buzz, i was going to get a set of those rims from them but now i'm taking a second thought because i live in Ontario
Wow , i've been talking to George , i've ben waiting , and waiting , talked to Romero , well he just doesn't really know what day it is even , but ...m I'm still awaiting some answers from George!!! As of last week . i now have 3 Confirmation #'s for the same order , also all the same billing addy , but being sent to 2 different addresses ... so far , im trying to get that problem /issue sorted out ......still , they are either really really busy , or just seemed to have experienced a gang of problems all of the sudden !!!! ... Please keep us posted cmm1970, hope you end up satisfied !!
AMEX has not credited the disputed amount yet, but I think the vendor has a few more business days to respond.

I think the trouble you are having with your order smells like what I experienced and I too kept trying to make it work. My advice is to cancel your order. There are other vendors that sell the same wheels for like $101 each. They may act more professionally.

The truth is that this outfit is new to the internet game and I don't think they have their act together. FedEx may not accept shipments of mounted tires/wheels. If so, then maybe they should consider shipping with UPS. I don't know. I just know that they committed to mount the wheels for me and didn't. Not only that, they didn't tell me that they had run into an issue that would prevent them from filling my order as promised. This is why I encourage all of you to NOT do business with A&C Extreme Sports.

More later....
An alternative place to get them is I got mine there for $98 each AND I had them in 2 days (local pickup). If you call ask for Shawn, he WILL take care of you. I will stand behind them because I can go down and slap them around a little if neccesary
I would advise going the Mr. Cycles route if you are considering the mod. A&C is not worth the hassle.

Update from AMX

I submitted a 14 page complaint narrative to the fine folks at AMEX. They indicate that it will be as long as 8 weeks before they get this complaint processed.

If any of you are wanting the rims, go with Mr. Cycles or another vendor.

I'll post any additional news as I learn it.

Best regards,
I've been really busy lately , and finally just got my order all cancelled ... gee few weeks ago now , but it Looks like i'm just going to wait till spring now ... if it cost a few extra bucks , then so be it ..... there Hot Wheels .... for sure sorry to hear about your hassel Cmm... good luck ... Thanks for the link GT ... hassel free world ......PRICELESS!!!!
So I have gotten to enjoy my hard won rims and tires and I have to admit, I am glad I bought them. The Mudlights in 26" are perfect for my dog training buggy and offer a whole lot of macho when we are motoring around the fields. Bottom line...Love them!

AMX is still doing their thing. I will post results in another few weeks.

Well, it is now December 6, and I am happy to report that AMEX ruled in my favor and credited the $85.26 back to my account. That was what I paid for mounting of the tires to the wheels and the surprise sales tax that I was charged.

Should any of you have this same trouble with A&C, please remember that you can seek recourse with your credit card company. In this case, it proved useful where Honda was unwilling to intervene.

So, this is the end of my sour grapes campaign against this vendor. I appreciate the suggestions of help and words of encouragement. I also urge all of you to stay away from this vendor. They are not at all benevolent.

Best regards,
Well that is good to hear cmm . glad you at least got some money back . what a hassel, like i said earlier in this thread , i have no problem paying a little more for zero hassels. Post some pics of ur new wheels!!!! . Now i am much closer to getting my own set , thanks to good friend , and the satisfaction of no hassel , and they have been tested for quality assurance already !!!! Ha Ha ...John
QUOTE ("IDigem1":3cr21kdg)
Now i am much closer to getting my own set , thanks to good friend , and the satisfaction of no hassel , and they have been tested for quality assurance already !!!! Ha Ha ...John
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