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OEM 135 Jet Part Number??

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Does anyone have the part number for the OEM 135 Jet for a '98 Foreman 450?

Thanks in advance for the info...
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I just picked mine up at one of the local atv repair shops, not the dealer.
My local Honda shop only had the stock 130 and not the 135. Did you get the part number? I am trying to order it online, but found two different part numbers so I am not sure which one is correct.
I have the answer to my own question that I will share with the forum just in case someone else is looking for the information. The Honda OEM 135 main jet is Keihin part number 99101-393-XXX. I found this part online at several websites.
Mchezz thanks for the part #
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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