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nuetral position sensor?

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I had a problem starting my '05 rubicon a couple of weeks ago. Thought it was the weather as it was belo zero, but it still wouldn't start after I towed it into my shop, it just kept back-firing. I ran the shift lever back and forth a couple of times and it fired right up.

anyone else ever had this problem???
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thats a first for me, Ive got an 03' with 3000 miles and nothing like that with any starting problems
This is possible, just like if you tried to start it in revrse, it would just want to fire and not start. Rember that these will start in high and low range
Stand by... I am going to go put mine in a freezer beings I live in Florida..The state with NO RAIN...and 90 degrees at 3am in the morning. You guys are killing us Southerners... Man, what we would give to get a weather break around here... You are gonna have to wait for a Northerner to answer that question. Wait.... I think I just saw a military guy wearing desert camo run thru the yard...and a sand storm is beginning to build....Im gonna go take a cold shower...
04 rubicon never had that problem but where you trying to start it when it was in gear, may be some safety thing.Oh I am in Canada my Rubi starts at more than -20 with a little encouragement!!
nuetral position sensor my have been froze up just a thought put dioelectric greaes on it to keep moisture out just a thought really don't know what woud have caused it
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