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NOW FIXED Es gets stuck in 4th gear then goes --

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2001 450ES

My quad gets stuck in 4th gear when I almost reach top end. It goes --. Then I can't shift it into 3rd or 5th. It will do the same thing if I reach top speed in 5th gear, but it will show 5 on the dash and nothing happens when I push either up or down buttons. If I turn key off/on fast without killing the engine it will work again. Just changed angle sensor and battery is all charged up.

Thanks for the help.
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seems to be an all too common problem with them es machines...people need to bring it to honda's attention...hope you get it fixed soon...
That's why I bought an "S" model.Too many problems with my wife's Recon ES. I had a bad angle sensor,changed it myself and still had the same problem.Took it to my dealer and they changed the angle sensor again and everything was O.K.Turned out the new sensor I bought was no good.
i agree with ya on that one...i have the "S" as well...
Bells and whistles are GREAT...but simpler IS better...
It was the speedo sensor acting up. Changed it out and is working fine now.

Which one is the speedo. sensor? Is that the one in the front diff.?
Rear crankcase cover, on the left foot side. Wire harness goes in the top and has 2 bolts holding it in place. It will leak some oil when you remove it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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