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Nothing Special

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Hi just wanted to post some pictures from my ride yesterday after heavy rain.... fun..... but not so fun when u have to clean up later on.....

Have a nice summer

Greeting from Finland
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How come the fender flares are removed? It actually looks cool like that! It has that "lifted" look to it.
nice.. looks kind of cool with no fender flares.
probley off for a good wash. great idea.

nice pics,
How hard is it to take the flares off? I may do it next time I run in a bog.
i think just some screws. and some of those honda rivets.
Well it wasent difficult but it took a while to do.....

...and I did it only because its easier to wash and clean everything.

Here some pictures of us driving bigger wheels last saturday..
And I thought I was anal about cleaning my foreman!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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