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not in the mood

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hey everyone, i havent been around much lately and ill tell you why.... well first off i know my foreman is a 400 and this is a 450 forum but foreman hasnt been all that great to me the brakes are gone,valves tick,smokes real bad,tires are destroyed,HMF pipe dont fit on it, winch is broke, everything is starting to rust, and plastic is starting to fade bad. it needs new rings and the carb isnt adjusted right. i wont be on the forum for 3 months or so becase my atv is broke... but when its fixed ill be back on and ill post some good pics and vids.......see you all in a couple months
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just cause the bike is down, doesn't mean u can't hang around or check in from time to time. good luck on the repairs.
The atv is 10 yrs. old. Some problems are to be expected. Drop in here from
time to time. Hope everything works out for you.
QUOTE ("Railroader":3hyc3wfc)
The atv is 10 yrs. old. Some problems are to be expected. Drop in here from
time to time. Hope everything works out for you.
TEN YEARS OLD??? ****, mine is only two years old and has all those problems!!
Yeah you should stick around for the "how do I" post if nothing else
hey everyone im back!! the foreman is in the garage with the top end off, so far we took the piston in and it was perfectly fine, got all new highperformance rings, gaskets, etc. all new brakes,seals, everything!! got the valves adjusted, and im bring it in to get the HMF pipe modified to fir my 400, and im going to make a exhaust snorkel too. when i was fixing the brakes i noticed that my wheels wobbled bad, and my bearings were shot so i ordered all balls bearings for it, im also putting another snorkel on it for all my vents, i also ordered a clutch kit and a dial a jet for it, and a k&n airfilter with the prefilter as well... it should be ready in 2 weeks or so. ill take some pics tomoro and post them
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/ --> when its ready im going to make a video of me taking it completly under water and make alot of vids and pics like railroader does
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I've been wonderin' where you've been. Glad to hear everything is goin'
your way. Good luck.
Hope it does better for ya than before, its a Honda it should
ridem till they die, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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