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not enough air

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I'm not getting enough air for my bike to run right. What do i need to do to fix this problem. I hope i dont need to rejet maybe just mess with that screw everyone talks about. Where is it at? If possible could somone take pictures or give me good descriptions of where it is at. Thanx for future replies.
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whats it doing...what sounds is it making
ok its fine till about i dunno 45 mph. it'll start rapping up real hi and then all of a sudden itll like pop and bog down then itll act right and do it again. I dunno i rode it a lil more and now its acting right. Anyways thanx for your replie.
Sounds to me you have too much air and not enough fuel. You can try richening up your mixture a little but it sound like you may need one size larger main jet. You don't need a jet kit just purchase the next size larger oem jet from the dealer. You could try taking your carb off and cleaning it really good, there could be a little moisture or trash in the float bowl not allowing enough fuel to pass. Just some suggestions.
Could be bad gas. but I would think it would act up all the time not just at 45 mph.
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