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I asked for this section thinking that other people with recons would respond, but no luck so far. Am I the only one with a recon?
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Where is the Recon people???
they are all 9 years old and not allowed to use the computer yet
My wife rides one, just because I didn't know better when I bought it and go her a bigger bike. Don't get me wrong the recons are a good bike she floats through a lot of stuff. She just has a hard time following me in the places that I go.
Nice Joke deadmullet
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Deadmullet, I resent that comment! I'm 27 but sometimes I wish I was 9 again.
I ride a recon, and after riding a 4x4 suzuki, (front end spin = front end sliding down the hill, I did better when I switched to 2wd). honda had better done a super job on the foreman to make it out do the little guy on steep, tight, twisty trails. well at least when they are dry. that said, I want a foreman for the other 90% of my rideing. Those 22 inch tires and low center of gravity don't mud very well. And well 220cc isn't 490 something when it comes to grunt pulling or climbing straight up.
Here is a picture of a buddy of mine on my wifes we had to test the new snorkel
yea my dad got my mom a 05 recon es, trying to convince her to let me snorkel it and put some lil vamps. i love riding that thing everytime i ride it i wanna go buy me one. theyre just so much fun and compact i can wheelie on that thing forever and donuts galore
I think that the recon is an awesome bike i had one for my girlfriend but i got rid of it so she could upgrade to a 450 but she loved that little thing
Tough little bikes... And the nice thing is that if you get stuck, you lift the front end and turn it 90 degrees and you are out. I tried to lift the front of my 650 Rincon and blew both my nutz out !!!!!!! Pros and Cons Ha Ha Ha
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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