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Northeast MS??

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ANyone from northeast MS in this rig???
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Eupora Mississippi here!
Corinth, MS here.
Clarksdale MS here. Looking for some riding buddies. Don know where yall ride but i been to the greneda lake bottom a couple time its fun and Free
there is a ride in grenada lake bottom in the works right now ill post on here when they get all the details decided its prob gonna be in a month or so
Ok. Just let me know. I work offshore 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Hopefully it will be when i am off if not i will have to catch it another time..
A couple of friends and I are going to the Grenada lake bottom this Sunday to ride. Hope to see everyone that can come there!
Mcole50... Where do you park at and what time you think yall will get there. I wanna come probably will be solo. Cant find any one who wants to ride anymore. Imagine that. I will talk to some people and try to get a couple people to come with me
jcarp, I am unsure where we are going to park at....but we have 4 Hondas riding sunday, probably going to be there around 1 or 1:30.....look for a black F150 07 model....thats going to be us....probably going to be a maroon Chevy 2500 Durtamax parked nearby
i am not sure if you know much about the area. But in batesville if you take a left at sonic and go down to the T in the road and take a left that takes you down to a boat landing. Dont know if you ever been there but is that part of greneda lake bottom too??? i have been there and then i been in one place where you get on 8 and go out the back side of greneda about 10 miles and take a left at this little country store on the left. go down to the gaurd rails and there is a split in the guard rails. And you park on the right. That is the only 2 places i been.. Not sure if you familar with either but i know there is a bunch of places to park. Just don't know where they are at
Or that could be a right at the sonic depending on which way your coming. Its a right for me coming down 6 its a left if you come off 55. not sure where your from
Or that could be a right at the sonic depending on which way your coming. Its a right for me coming down 6 its a left if you come off 55. not sure where your from
Eupora, MS
Where you familar with either one of the places i mentioned
I am somewhat familiar with the places you mentioned, for some reason I am thinking we are going to the place where the gaurdrails split....but I will keep you updated as to whether that is the place or not
I talk to a buddy tonight and they said that they were gonna go sunday so i dont know how many it will be. Pretty sure if he goes we will park at the place where you turn by sonic. Just the only place i ever been with him. But i am supposed to talk to him tom. and i will let you know something...
mcole50 Did you end up going to Greneda lake bottom. I was gasing up to go and saw another buddy that was riding closer to the house so i ended up not going.
Pontotoc,MS here...check out they are located in fulton,MS....i ride there everyother weekend
any of you fellas still ride? i'm from Eupora MS also
headed to fulton to the barn (barnyard mud boggers) next time they open. Anybody going or wanna go?
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