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Hey guys just thought i would drop a line and introduce myself as i have been lurking here for the last week or so. I have been riding ATV's since i was a 3rd grader in school. I am know 32. I started with a 200 big red 3 wheeler, moved to a 250 big red 3 wheeler, than to a 250 4 wheeler. When that went to crap (had it for like 12 years) I bought an Artic Cat. The Arctic Cat only lasted for 2 years as it had some electrical problem. Instead of waiting for 2 months to get the part to get it fixed i decided to go back to Honda. I bought a 450 Foreman in May of 2002. It was a great machine but a couple of weeks ago it blew up. But i guess that was to be expected as it had 9,360 miles! So I went and bought a 500 Foreman on March 27th. I got the red one as to me it has to be red if its a Honda. It has been a great machine so far. I just hit 100 miles today so i plan on changing the oil Sunday. I ordered some Bumpers for it, thanks to the posts here, and they should be here next Wednesday. I never knew bumpers existed, but beings i use my Foreman to chase cows, they should come in real handy. But thats just a little about me. Just thought i would introduce myself and say thanks to all for posting all the great info here.
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Welcome Beltstud

Chasing Cows

Great Idea let the tools do the work
Welcome to!!
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