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Noisy Valves

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I traded in my 200 foreman for an 05. I recently began noticing that the valves were getting very noisy.No problem. I brought her into the Stealership for an adjustment. When I got the bike back she was worst than when I had brought her in. I decided to take the time and adjust them myself. She was much quieter on start up but when she warms up still noisy. I never noticed this ticking with my 00 Foreman. Anyone else notice a noisy valve problem.??Any thoughts???
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yea i got them and i got an 06, going to a guy tomorrow or saturday to get him to adjust them and if that doesnt quiet her down some then he is gonna figure out what is making the noise and fix that too....also bike crapped out on me and now i am getting angry about it
Same here,gets noisier as it heats up.I set the valves at the factory spec. with the engine cold and it's so noisey that I couldn't stand it.I ran it until it was hot and then measured the clearance,it was over .010" ! So as the engine heats up the clearance increases.Next I tried setting the valves with it hot and at .004" HOT it sounds almost right.I think I'll try setting it a little tighter and see what it's like.
I know...When the engine is hot it's annoying beyond annoying. I readjusted cold and it's so loud that other riders are commenting..Let me know how you make out with the little tighter adjustment yooper and I will give this a try. I can't just ride and tolerate it. I never had to put up with this noise on any of my other bikes.

Thanks for the input..
On Sunday we rode 84 miles and everything was fine.No valve noise.What I did was remove all the plastics and set the gas tank aside and remove that plastic shield so you can see the engine,then run the bike until it is very warm,now set the valves at .003". Doing it this way your sure to get the valves set when they're hot.
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