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Noise up front!!

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Ever since about a month after i got my 450, I've noticed a clicking like noise in the front end when you slightly turn to either left or right. has anybody had/has this problem? what do you think it could be?

oh and to my knowledge it doesn't do it going straight or going fast, just when you're going slow and turning.

Thanks for any help!!
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Does it do it turning left or right? or Both?

Sounds like a CV joint. If it does it on a left turn for example, but not a right turn it will be the right side and vice versa. Because on a left turn the weight is shifted to the right side.

Examin the boots for damage, usually the joints fail from loss of grease.
both, and it seems to do it pretty good when you are turning and coming to a stop.. it's kinna hard to explain.
try lifting your front end and take the top and bottom of your wheels push in an out an see if there is any play if there is then probable wheel bearings if not then look somewhere else
Mine does the same thing

We had to order complete new knuckles and bearings and that whole little section behind the wheel basically

Only one side of mine was doing it but i decided to go ahead and replace both sides

After taking the wheel and everything off all the pieces of the bearing just fell out

it wasnt to good
Thanks guys, I'll see what i can come up with!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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