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No Start

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Rincon would not start today......Went .Click,,,,Click & thats it,just Clicks..
so I cleaned & tightened the Battery, same with Solenoid/Relay thingie...
Same with the starter,,,Hit the button & ,,,,,,,,,,,Click

What could it be.......Any Ideas ?

Round Man
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Did you check how many volts at the starter post ..
QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":3gouf6js)
Did you check how many volts at the starter post ..

Volt meter is broke......... I get no sound out of the Starter,, Just the Relay by the Battery....Hmmmmmmmm
battery dead?
QUOTE ("justinwilliamskx":94r9lj1r)
battery dead?

Dont think so,,,,,,Everything works & headlights are bright & dont dim when I hit the start Button...
If the starter is getting 12V when you push the button then it sounds like the starter brushes are bad .. If it doesn't get 12V with the button pushed then bad solinoid ..
Had similar issue, was the battery. The battery was showing 11.8v and it wasn't enough to throw the starter, had no effect on lights. Try a boost charger if you have one. for boost put it on 10 amp, but don't leave it on this for long and don't charge it on this. If it starts when boosted its the most likely the battery.
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