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No Start

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Went out playing in the Deep Water/Mud at 5A today.......Got in some bad stuff and had to stop as not to run over the fella in front of me,, Bike Stalled!...Ok ,, no big deal! hit the starter button and nuttin but some clicking from under the seat.....

Did the Ol pull start thing ,fired right up ... still wont start by the Button ....

ANY ideas??

05 Rincon........

Thanks in advance

Round Man
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If you hear the solenoid clicking then it sounds like it's good ,but you will have to test it ... With a volt meter put the neg (-) probe on the engine (a good ground connection) ,then put the pos (+) probe on the pos post of the starter (under the little rubber boot) .. Then with the key "on" push the starter button.. If the volt meter registers "12v" then your starter could be the problem..
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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