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no speedo, then no ES, so had a beer & I'm here!

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Hey Everyone!
First off, this forum is great, looked up my problem in other posts & think I got it narrowed down to the speed sensor.
'course there's a story...
Have a 02 450 es, hit a tree, broke lower control arm, got her straight, looks great but noticed no speedo. Drove for about an hour & no es, light flashed 3 times. Thanks to this forum thought angle sensor, but with the speedo going first, thought speed sensor. Going take this weekend to fart around & check all connectors & clean 'em & charge battery.
Angle sensor seems pretty simple but no idea how to inspect speed sensor.
Any help is much appreciated!!
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Welcome Buzzalot. I'm new here too and these guys are the best. I'm sure you'll get lots of answers to your problems.
don't forget the er on your name!

Ya man, this forum seems awesome!
I'm sure someone here can help with your problem, but you may want to post your question under the 450 forum as I don't think everyone checks the new members forum. Good luck with your ES probs.
ya read my mind

I just looking around & noticed....
Welcome Buzzalot
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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