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No Spark on my 1999 foreman 400

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I have a 1999 foreman 400. Its ran great, never had any problems till now. For the past few months it has been getting harder and harder to start and now nothing. I checked everything, and found out that there is now spark. If you have any ideas id like to hear them. I was told that the rectifier goes on these things. If there is some way to test it and the cdi id like to know. Thanks James
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pm Honda Mechanic with your bike info and ask him for the testing info for your bike. He has help many other's here with the same problem you have.
does anyone out there have the ignition section on computer for a 1999 foreman 400?
I sent 3 sections .. Some Honda tests are done with a peak voltage adapter ...
what is the ohm meter suppose to read off the rectifier i need to check mine i bought a 97 foreman 400 for $200 and it didnt have spark i changed and upgraded the cdi box but im still not getting spark
There isn't an actual reg/rec test , you test everything else ... What is your email address and I can email you the charging & ignition sections from the 1995-00 Honda TRX400FW PDF shop manual ... Some of the ignition tests are done using a peak voltage adapter ..
n/m my manual just came in last night but thanks for your time.
got it going

all it was was that rectifier. I went to hond and got a new on for $130 pluggede it in and it starts easy, runs, and idles smooth.
i went to honda and got my new one for $82.00 after tax it didn't look like the stock one but it worked
Ive got a 98 foreman 400 , and im having the same problem my weeler wont spark either , i bought a new plug , i tested the coil and i bought a new CDI box ,

Now people are telling me its my ECM that is causeing the problem, but a new ECM Costs about $130 , and i allready spent $150 on CDI.

So Could The ECM be the problem???
my dad bought a new ecm or icm box and my weeler fired right up
1999 foreman 400 wont start

can n e 1 mail me the tech manual for throubleshooting this wheeler i need schematics and testing procedures email me at [email protected]
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