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No one from Illinois?

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Come on Illini riders! Is there any here?
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I'm from Bridgeport, Illinois
vandalia il wish it was possable to get atvs registered in illinois so i could drive it on the roads
Just west of Chicago Countryside
Southern Illinois just north of Carbondale.. home of the SIU salukies...
hey i just found this page im 45 mins south of effingham il if u all know where thats at.. no good riding around here. me and my dad go to attica in. at badlands off road park one of the closes parks around thats cheap and fun...
rubyandforeman what town you live in i think i might live near you
olney il.. where bout 1hour apart i think or more....
never heard of that town i guess im more east than south of effingham
ya were just a small not most likey not even on a us map lol were on there but the dots liket he size of a pin tip.... any good ridin over were ur from....
there is some trails but we have only had the foreman for a year and havent done a whole lot of rideing so i dont know what all is out there.
once i get my own four wheeler i will be out all the time
ya i im olny 15 but im on my 3rd honda. u cant beat them my family has olny owned honda' me when u get your own u will have alot more fun then riding your family....
yeah im only 16 and this is the first four wheeler we have ever owned. we really like it too. i will be so happy when i get my own im looking at a foreman 500 because i like the one we have so much.
ya i liked my foreman at first but the first time u get water over the top head light with there **** after that mind as well just go get a new carb.. if nuttin its vented.. that was the first and olny thing that went wronge with it beside wheel bearing me front.. other than that there freakin kool. we got a recon and a rubicon.. cant beat hondas
yeah hondas are our favorite here and if it got my own foreman the first thing i would do to it is put a snorkel, rought all the vent lines, seal pull starter, and jet it. then a HMF and a k&n filter. and so on
ya i want a snokel kit but mom and dad said after im 18 so other than that anything else they dont care.. tires are a must next stock tires 3000 miles...
yeah after that i wold get a lift and probally 28" MSTs. My parents told me the only way i would get a four wheeler is if i paid for it myself because they are a little tied up with payments on the foreman we got now.
ya i buy my own parts and atv.. cuz i get a check ever month from when my real dad got killed.. and plus i work so the work check goes in quads hes saveing for college
i just turned 16 in novmber and havent gotten around to applying for a job but once i do im saving every penny that doesnt go to insurence
ya im had a job since im been like 10.. were going to have this site wore out lol... do u have yahoo messenger
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