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no front breaks

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i am having trouble with my o7 's front breaks i went to ride it the other day and i had no front breaks i pumped them a few times then it worked. i checked the the fluid level and it was fine. i just put some cv boot guards on it and there was some clearance issues with it that required some "custom bending" . it was hitting the inside of the front wheel. i was wondering if there was anything it could have hit also there was no fulid on the ground
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i have the same problem since it got cold here, i'm not too worried about cuz my rear brakes work great. i think i might have gottin air in the system or there was air in it to start, i would try bleeding them and make sure both pistons in the calipers move i'm not doing it now because it's cold and no heated garage yet but soon
My '06 Foreman did the same thing,It's been very cold here,around 10-15 degrees above zero.I figure it had something to do with the cold,however it didn't do it last winter.The first time I pull the front brake lever ,there's nothing,pump it a couple more times and it's o.k.
bleed your brakes and see if that fixed the problem.
i was talking to a guy i work with, and he said it's probably the fluid that honda uses in the brake system it gets kinda spongy when it's cold or absobs to much moisture from the atmosphere and the only way really to get rid of it is to change out the fluid i dont know what honda recommends though...
Me and my buddy both had the exact same problem today, we were up 5,000ft in the snow, although it probably wasn't below -5C.

He stopped and asked me "hey...have you got any front brakes?" I tested and sure enough, neither of us did, after about 5 minutes of looking, and repeated testing eventually both his started working, and then one of mine started working, it was a while later down the trail before both of mine worked again.

May or may not be worth mentioning, but the foot pedal (in 4 wheel drive) locked all the brakes, but the front handle bars only locked the rear.

Either way it resolved itself..
I was in a lot of snow when it happened also....I wonder if snow somehow gets in the pads/caliper and forces the caliper piston back in?Then the first time you pull the brake,the piston has to travel out so the pad contacts the rotor.All of us with this symptom have been in the cold and snow
just pumping a few times.. since it cold and they will work... at least u dont have break. my stick all the time....... worped rators
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