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NGK S-plug number?

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Any one know the NGK spark plug Number for a foreman 450? Thanks, i need to know so i can pick one up for my friend, and he aint home to tell me the number.... Thanks guys!
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There are 3 plugs depending on the heat range you want ..


The lower the number the hotter the plug .. 6=hot & 8=cold
Thanks!! i looked it up on after i posted... and guessed i would get the middle one DPR6EA-9 and its still backfiring... wonder why? i cleaned the carb, and filter, and put a new plug in... how do you lean a 450 out just a touch? move the clip on the needle? Thanks!
If it's giving a backfire when you let off the throttle it's probably a lean-missfire.. then open the air screw 1/4 turn and try it again ..
i think it is running rich? the plug is solid black. and it does seem to smoke just a little. where is the A/F screw? which side...
It is on the bottom of the carb.
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