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NGK Iridium Plug and Amsol

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Ok, from prior posts, I installed one of the Iridium Plugs and also changed my oil with Amsol 10W40W. Can't say I can notice any difference compared prior to the changes. I have read all kind of great results with others, but I notice no difference. I can't tell my shifting is smoother with the Amsol or can I tell if fan runs less and in cool weather, the engine still takes a while to warm up at idle and still have to keep choked until it warms up somewhat. The fan didn't run much proir though to the oil change. I am not unhappy making the changes, but just letting others know, these items are not miracle workers from what I can see anyway.
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You should use AMSOIL 0w40 ATV oil instead of 10w40.There is a difference.
Get rid of the stock exhaust , let that engine breath , jet kit , not only only a power modification , but better running engine, and i find my gas milage the same or better !!!
QUOTE ("Yooperforeman":2m29o7qn)
You should use AMSOIL 0w40 ATV oil instead of 10w40.There is a difference.
Amsoil actually recommended the 10W40W oil instead of teh 0W40W as you list. Maybe will consider it next time, however in this part of the country, it doesn't get cold enough to need the 0W vs 10W. You may be right, but don't want to void my warranty by using other than Honda recommendated 10W40W either.
Here in the U.P. it's down in the 20's at night already,so I've noticed a big difference with the 0W40.
Dang, it rately ever gets in the 20s here, even in dead of winter. We are in the lows of 50s now.
Ok, I stand corrected with the new Iridium Plug. I have ran it several times in cooler weather (40s and 50s). Yea, I know, but for here, that is almost winter. I don't have to choke to start all the time now and maybe sometimes, a choke to start and then off and idles just fine. I used to have to warm the engine for several minutes before taking it off choke and now, hardly any choke if any at all. Seems to have helped but cannot tell any real performance issues but without choke, the plugs shoudn't foul the plug due to excess running in a rich atmosphere. I am sold on these plugs.
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