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Hi guys,

Just got back a few weeks ago from the Hatfield McKoy trail system in W. Virginia, and had a great time. Borrowed my brothers Suzuki Eiger w/ Mud Lites did a great job...except when the belt got wet once. Looking to purchase a new Honda in the next month or 2.

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Cool welcome any pics from the ride?
The trail ride was awesome, one of the guys is going to get me a cd w/ pics. It will be a week or two but I'll post when available. Two of my brothers have Grizzlys (didn't attend trail ride)and are telling me I should look at other models. When 92% of the riders have Honda's and the owner of where we stayed is telling me most people show up with Honda's, and all of the locals have Honda's I think it is a pretty easy decision...almost. I will be selling my old Dodge station wagon and purchasing a Honda. Not sure on the model yet, I know for sure I'll be getting a set of Maxxis Big Horns or Mud Lites.

After getting stuck; most of which driver error we ended up having to drain the box where the belt was. This was relatively simple and it ran fine afterward (20 minutes). Well almost we were traveling up a long steep blue hill when I was almost at the top foreward momentum stopped and the machine would not go any further. I was stuck w/ the brakes locked for a few minutes...thinking this is how I end up rolling down the moutain after surviving the first 3 days. I was able to keep light pressure on the front brake and rocking the machine side to side and feathering the throttle was able to get some forward momentum and drive the remaining 15' to the top. I would definetly recommend a trip to the West Virginia trail systems.

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Welcome to the forum. I've visited WV and the it's non stop trail riding, lots of fun!
howdy welcome aloha and all that junk
Welcome, I have a Suzuki Eiger also, you need to snorkel your bike.
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