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Newbie looking for ES help.

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Just joined this forum and I'm looking for some help.

my 2001 450ES is having issues shifting above 2nd gear. Sounds like a solinoid engaging and the display "moves up" temporarily but then reverts back to 2nd.

This seems to have occured in conjunction to my battery failing and not taking a charge.

I've been pull starting it to get me by until I install a new battery.

Is it possible for a defective battery to have a negitve effect on shifting?

I'm buying a new battery today, so we'll see if that solves it. If not, any suggestions where to begin to look?

thanks in advance
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The battery shouldn't be your problem on an 01 ... Does it shift past 2nd with the aux. shifter ..?
thats on the agenda one I get the new battery installed
QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":d7u1vxxn)
The battery shouldn't be your problem on an 01 ... Does it shift past 2nd with the aux. shifter ..?
So I installed the new battery, as ou predicted same result.

So I tried the aux. shifter and all gears work (but not displayed).

Now, right after using the aux. shifter the buttons on the eletric shift do not seem to be responding, in any gear???? What could cause what appeared to be a mechanical fault to now appear to be a electrical fault just by testing with the manual shifter?

Thanks in advance,

Get a good manual ( I prefer the factory manual) read it until you understand how the system works. run the diagnostics step by step. dont skip or assume any thing.

With a little time and patience you should be able to figure it out.

Second choice take it to a qualified mechanic.
What is your email address and I will email you the ESP section for 1998-01 ... You have to follow the flow chart step by step ...

The 98-01 models are easier to test with the tools
This takes the place of the shift control motor..

This takes the place of the angle sensor..

Do you have access to a known good angle sensor ..?
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What resistance should a good angle sensor read? I'm getting about 4,800 ohms at one end of the radius, about 250 ohms at the other end. During the test routine, my manual just tells you you should see increasing resistance in one direction, decreasing resistance in the other. I am getting the resistance readings going up and down when you turn the angle sensor the appropriate direction, but I don't know what resistance range works with the ECU?
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