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Newbie from Ohio

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Hi, just found this site and checking things out. My husband just got an '06 Foreman 500. We also have an '03 Foreman 450. Right now he seems to like the 450 better.
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WELCOME!!! I'm sure you will get some input from the guys who also went from the 450 to the 500. I think that bike took some getting used to for a few of them but they seem to like them now!
Welcome hf500
Welcome aboard...
Welcome, what part of Ohio are you located. I am going to Mansfield in October to visit some friends and we are all driving to Niagra Falls for a few days and back to Ohio. Beautiful state.
We're located in south central Ohio Ross County. My husband recently put a pipe and jet kit in the 450. This is the reason I think he likes the 450 better. He said also the 500 is lighter in the front end.
Welcome aboard!!! I hope you have some spare cash laying around, for all the mod ideas you guys will get from the
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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