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newbie from Minnesota

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Hi I am new to all the offroad stuff, I used to hard core into cars till my buddy let me ride his wheeler. So I started to search for a good wheeler for me since i am a big guy. I almost bought a kawasaki 650 brute force camo cause I like the solid axel of the honda, and the front locking diff of the yamaha. Then another friend of mine knew i was looking for a four wheeler and he offerd me a heck of a deal that i couldn't pass on. So I bought a 2000 green 4x4 honda forman 450s 1,533 mi 241 hr with a 2500# superwinch, chrom wheel and 27x12x12 ITP blackwaters for $2,000. I see that many of you are from the south, so please be nice to the yankee.

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Welcome to There is tons of info about everything one.

Don't worry about the southerners. they may be more them than us northerners but they dont much.
Welcome Regal Ryan

Everyone is Great here

I was born in St.Paul & grew up in Burnsville
Welcome Regal Ryan
my buddy dave attempting to fly with his yamaha

Welcome to!!!!!
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