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Newbie from GA

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How bout ya, great site looks like I'll be stuck here a while reading up.Just bought a 05 foreman 500 es froma buddy filing for bankruptcy $5100 with 41 miles. Good deal? I've been playing in a little ga red mud with it and absolutley love it.Don't know much about atv's but I've worked for a Chevy dealer for 6 yrs so maybe we can swap some info? Preciate it guys and again great web site.
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Welcome to the site and congrats on the GREAT deal you got on your new Foreman. As you get to know this site, you will notice that there is alot of friendly and helpful people on here.
Welcome to the site!!!!!
Time to order the mods!!!

Thats A Fantastic Deal

Enjoy your New Adventure !
Welcome, and we can always use some CHEVY support from all these FORD lovers on here....Your on our team...Ha Ha Ha Just kidding Ford guys...He HE HE.. . Somewhere on every forum, it goes to that topic...It is hilarious..
Welcome to the site!!
Welcome, and good move buying the Honda.
Welcome. Glade you have a Honda, Sorry you work for Chevy!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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