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New wheels

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Here is my new wheels I'm gonna order.
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Definately differant thats for sure.
I think that I would stick with outlaws if I was you. Saw those on HL yesterday, didn't get very good reviews.
those looklike crap/how about these
Those are different eustismudder
I was just joking about ordering them. Seen them on HL and thought I would post it on here. Those things gotta be heavy. I think in order for my little foreman to run those my next mod will be a 383 stroker.
QUOTE ("eustismudder":10rsb4fn)
Here is my new wheels I'm gonna order.
are those wheels and tires in one, if so i hope you are kiiding about getting them
my bad didnt realize your last post, can you give me the link to those?
I dont think there is a link. Someone just posted a pic on HL yesterday. Try looking on the or whatever is in the top of the pic.
I figured you were just joking, I don't think that those would pull as good as my 589's, and we all know those aren't the best mudders.
There steamboat paddles.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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