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New Wheel Polish or Wax?

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I just got some ss112 itp.....has anyone ever put a coat of wax on theirs? I want to make them easy to keep clean...and free of oxidation. I have wheels on my truck but man they got oxidized real quick...i want to try and eliminate this situation!

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My ss 106's should be here tomorrow. They are clearcoated so they should not tarnish or oxidize like an unsealed alum wheel. I think that any wax suitable for a clearcoat should protect the finish and make them easier to clean.
Great point. Almost forgot about the clear coat. Looks like I'll throw a couple coats of wax on them before the weekend. We are going to ride some on Friday and Saturday. Thanks for the advice. Hope you like the 106s.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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